Democrats have a problem on their hands, and Trump is not their only concern.

Registered Voters to Democratic run cities, they need to change their course, now.

Politico reported on July 11, 2020 that . How you may ask? Trump, the head of the Republicans, was the target and talk about COVID and the protests yet more people are registering for Republicans? Why?

It’s simple, the riots in cities, mainly all of them being run by Democrats, is out of control. People do not feel safe in their own cities anymore. The Not the right to riot, destroy buildings. Not the right to kill, harm, or threaten others. The lack of leadership among Democratic mayors is making people realize the mistake of supporting the Defund the Police then after having to use the police against rioters. In addition, it also opened up peoples eyes to how truly bad Democratic controlled cities are. From high taxes to high crime, people are done with Democrats.

Another reason Democrats are in big trouble is because of the younger left-wing voters admiration of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist. Her platform and her admiration among many younger, mainly college/post-college students is huge. What Democrats do not understand though is that if they allow AOC to become the face of the party, they aleinate a decent amount of individuals. Already, , imagine if AOC runs in 2024, I bet you that number would skyrocket. This could potentially force many Democrats with concerns about the party into the Republican party.

Democrats could fall back on Trump’s handling of COVID-19 but they have to be particularly careful with this one. What many people on the left do not realize is that That line alone would put Democrats in the same basket as Trump as the reason why COVID-19 is so bad in the US.

Democrats second most plausible plan is talking about Trump’s poor handling of race relations. This is not a good strategy either for two reasons. One, look at how Democratic controlled cities are and what Democrats have done to help minorities. Two, Donald Trump has an impressive track record of helping minority groups in the United States as well as signing the First Step Act. The First Step Act released thousands of people from jail, 90% were African Americans. He also had the lowest black unemployment rate in US History. This strategy could backfire on Democrats if they choose this route because his Track-Record proves different than the “racist” Democrats and the media like to paint him out to be.

In my overall opinion, Democrats need new faces of the party and fast. They need moderates (Joe Biden is not a moderate) who will actually combat issues and not just preach about them. They need to stop involving elitist celebrities around them thinking that will give them votes. They need to stop this Anti-Trumpism crusade and actually work with the President to get things done. If Democrats can prove they work with the President, that is the first step of showing Americans that they’re in it to get things done and might give them a chance to beat Republicans.

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