My problems with Leftists

I’m not talking about Liberals here. I am talking about Leftists.

What exactly is a Leftist? A Leftist is a very broad term that means someone who believes in Left-wing policies and ideas like anti-capitalism, pro-socialism/pro-communism. They want to make society as equal as possible in almost every aspect. Marxists, Communists, Socialists, and some Anarachists are leftists.

But what exactly is my problem with Leftists and Leftism? The would rather choose equality over freedom. Historians Will and Ariel Durant testify in The Lessons of History, “freedom and equality are sworn and everlasting enemies, and when one prevails the other dies.” Leftists want to make life better and more equal. Yet, they want to create a life where no one can be free. I can’t imagine sacrificing my freedom for equality, that is a life I do not want.

I’m not saying equality is a bad thing, on a human level we are all equal. Not a single one of us is perfect or better than the other. However, we are inequal in a sense of our forte’s and strengths. We are inequal by what I’m good at compared to what you are good at. No laws, no government, no institution, can change that.

Also, Leftists have this distorted view of Capitalism being this evil, racist, greedy, elitist system that is one of the root causes of inequality in the world. Yet, Karl Marx, venerated by many Leftists, was wrong about many things. Madsen Piere at the Adam Smith institute wrote “He predicted that capitalism would drive down wages to survival level before its final denouement. In fact as economies became more advanced, both wages and living standards rose to levels not even dreamt of in Marx’s day, and this seems to have lowered the pressure for revolutionary change.”

What leftists fail to realize is that societieis and cultures only flourish when free to find their passion. Leftists thing the government will make life better and improve everything and that taking down the corporate elites and wealthiest class will benefit us all. But leftists fail to realize that more good things in this world has happen by the shake of a hand than a boot from above. 700 Million people were saved worldwide due to capitalistic ideals and values according to the American Enterprise Institute.

Interestingly enough, any leftist reading this right now on Medium, a private company, is probably using a computer or phone invented with cool and up-to-date edgy software that fixed and solved a lot of problems due to competition from other brands. This brings my final issue with leftists.

The competitive free market graced us with marvelous advancements from technology to medicine to automobiles. Clearly competition has been proven to be effective in advancing technology, medicine, etc. Without the free market, there is no competition. What is the left’s solution to keep driving innovation if they take away the competitive free market?