The First Debate was Unfair to Trump

Chris Wallace asked many relevant questions, but also didn’t.

Source: NBC News

September 29, 2020 at 9 PM eastern time in Cleveland, Ohio. Chris Wallace of FOX News moderated the first presidential debate of 2020 between incumbent Donald J. Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. The debate was nothing but Trump interrupting way more than Joe Biden did but also Trump brought up some relevant topics in the middle of his interruptions that Chris Wallace, the moderator of the debate, failed to mention.

Instead, Chris Wallace asks Trump to condemn white supremacy…Even though Trump already . Trump has actually. In the middle of talking about racism and racial issues in America, especially pertaining to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and the issues that arose in spring and summer of 2020. White Supremacists were not mentioned to a very high degree at all from civil rights activists, politicians, news anchors, etc. However, Antifa has been mentioned way more especially pertaining to what has happened from spring and summer of 2020 to now. This h proves it.

Thanks to undercover journalists at Project Veritas, we were able to see . At this training session the instructors taught how to attack, hurt, harm, etc. Antifa also has been involved in the protests and protesting and incited many violent actions. Why did Chris Wallace, out of the sake of relevancy since the topic was about racism now, ask Joe Biden to condemn Antifa? Why did he make Trump do something, which he already has, and not make Joe Biden condemn Antifa, which Joe has never done, why? Oh wait, according to Biden it’s an ideology, I forgot.

The answer is simple. The narrative that Trump is a racist must be held. Regardless of anything, that narrative must exist for those on the left. That is why you see this regurgitated by Democrats constantly and by left leaning news outlets.

The narrative that Trump is racist is all a campaigning tactic and an entire media propoganda scheme to make sure they get the candidate they want and try to deter voters away from Trump. Yet, this narrative is false. Trump recently just unveiled a . It literally designates the KKK, a white supremacist group, as a terrorist organization and charges all those involved as terrorists, and also “efforts to bolster Black Economic prospertiy”. In my opinion, Trump designating the KKK as a terrorist group is even better than a public condemnation. It is legitimate action against them and not a verbal condemnation which does absolutely nothing in the longrun.

Chris Wallace decided for some strange, odd, reason to not choose that as a topic of debate between Trump and Biden. It is like it never existed to Wallace and not worth the relevance. Why could they not debate on their plans to help the Black community in this country, a community so clearly, systemically, economically, oppressed?

This brings up another point, how exactly is Biden not racist? Did he not sign a crime bill that incarcerated millions especially minorities? Did he use his years in office to atone for the wrongdoings of his crime bill? Did he not call school integration the most racist policy concept one can come up with? Did he not say African American felons predators? Why did Wallace not ask Joe Biden to condemn white supremacists, because his past actions sure make him look like one, or even apologize for what he has done? Or have we all chosen to forget about that because voting blue is more important than making Americans informed on both candidates.

Regardless of your political views, it was unfair to Trump. A moderator is supposed to treat each candidate the exact same. Wallace clearly showed his favorite candidate that night, his actions and words alone proved it.

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